RB Digital is moving!

Attention: As of April 1st, all eMagazines through RB Digital will be moving to Libby by Overdrive.  The RB Digital app will cease working with your library card on March 31st, 2021. To access the titles from the OverDrive Home page choose Subjects, Magazines; or, search by title.  You’ll now have access to over 3,000 popular magazines and up to three years of back issues!



Frequently asked questions:

Will there be a lending period for magazines?

Yes. Your library will be able to select the available lending periods for magazines in your collection. The default is 14 days with an option for 7 days.

Can users renew magazines?

Yes. Users will have the option to renew a magazine within 3 days of the end of the lending period. Since magazines are offered under simultaneous use, the user could also borrow the magazine again at any time.

Will magazines count against a user’s checkout limits?

No. Magazines will not count toward checkout limits.

Will my patrons have a way to access magazine issues they previously borrowed via RBdigital?

Yes. Any patron who previously borrowed ZINIO magazines from RBdigital will be able to access their historical magazine loans by either downloading the free ZINIO app or going to zinio.com. From the ZINIO app or website, patrons can register a new ZINIO account using the same email address they used to access RBdigital. Once registered, their previously borrowed ZINIO magazine loans will be available in their account.