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Mrs. Bugyi is Retiring!

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Did you receive your coloring sheet, yet?  Please ask Mrs. Stutzman or Miss Z.    We are very sad to announce that after 16 years working at the North Tonawanda Public LibraryMrs. Bugyi is planning to retire in June, 2019.  We would like to designate the month of May  as Mrs. Bugyi month in her honor.  If you have known Mrs. Bugyi, you know that she doesn’t want a lot of attention drawn to her, but we feel that we can’t let her leave without making a fuss!  So if you have interacted with Mrs. Bugyi, either as a patron, or in Preschool Story Hour, American Girl Club, Bedtime Story Fun, or many of the other incredibly fun programs that she has planned over the years, maybe just stop by for a visit, send a little card of thanks, or even just call her at the library.  We will also have coloring sheets available in April and May to decorate the Children’s Room. We’d like to make it a memorable sendoff for her!  If you know of any patron who might not receive this message, pass the word!  As her schedule differs from week to week, Please call the library, and speak to either Mrs. Stutzman or Miss Zaciewski if you will be visiting.